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Dog Walking in Charlotte NC

Did you know that along with my dog photography business, I also run a dog walking and pet sitting company? See Spot Run Charlotte was started on April 4, 2009. Today is my 10th anniversary.

See Spot Run services the Southpark area in Charlotte NC. We are a team of 4 dog walkers and every Monday - Friday, we get to take pups out for a midday walk while their owners are at work.

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Dog Photography Before & After Photos

Is Your Dog a Candidate for a Dog Photography Session?

Are you concerned that your dog can’t be off leash for a photo session therefore he can’t be photographed? Would you believe that most of the dogs I photograph are on leash? I remove it in the editing process. I, along with most of professional photographers typically only post “fully edited” photos.

I realize doing that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and it can actually give clients the wrong impression so keep reading to see some before and after photos.

Your dog doesn’t have to be the most well trained dog ever to be photographed!

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SUN FLARE - Dog Photography 52 Week Project - Week 45

Sun flare is the theme this week and I can't believe it's already week 45 in our 52 week dog photography challenge. First, let me say I'm in my favorite place in the world, Corona del Mar, CA.  

I am at a dog photography retreat in southern California so we've been photographing a lot of dogs. Unfortunately, most of the photos I have with sun flare don't have dogs in them. The photo above was taken at Lookout Point in Corona del Mar. The sun rises over the cliffs (camera left) and sets over the Pacific.

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