SUN FLARE - Dog Photography 52 Week Project - Week 45


Sun flare is the theme this week and I can't believe it's already week 45 in our 52 week dog photography challenge. First, let me say I'm in my favorite place in the world, Corona del Mar, CA.  

I am at a dog photography retreat in southern California so we've been photographing a lot of dogs. Unfortunately, most of the photos I have with sun flare don't have dogs in them. The photo above was taken at Lookout Point in Corona del Mar. The sun rises over the cliffs (camera left) and sets over the Pacific.

I took photos at this spot a lot over the past several days. Locals walk their dog to this spot overlooking the Pacific all day long. It's particularly popular early in the mornings and at sunset. However when I asked someone if I could photograph her dog at this spot, I wasn't asking them to position the dog just so I could get the sun flare in the back of the photo. 

So, the above photo I took trying to get the sun flare in the shot. If I had more time, I'd photoshop a dog into the photo. However, I'm still in CA and sitting at my computer editing images isn't how I want to spend my last few days here. In the photos of the boxer below, again if I had more time, I'd photoshop a better image of sun flare or I'd use an overlay but the outdoors is calling and I must go. :)

This is going to be the shortest blog post I've ever written because I'm off to photograph Dogue Debordaux aka French Mastiff.  Eeeek!!!

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