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...because she'll grow up fast.

...because her face melts your heart.

...because you are as attached to her as she is to you.

...because you can't imagine your life without her. 

...because Love Looks Like This.


Kim makes everything so easy and smooth, and she's wonderful with animals. She was was so good with Otis getting him to pose, eliciting lots of different expressions from him. If you're wanting to have your baby photographed, she's the best!

- Anne K, Charlotte NC

dog photography review

Kim’s instincts capture the joy we have with our dog every day, but now we have photos to last a lifetime. The experience enhanced the bond I have with Lizzie.

- Laura P, Charlotte, NC

dog photographer review

Kim's patience and dedication to getting the shot while respecting and connecting with my dog's personality were second to none. Another thing that was impressive was her ability to eliminate the leash from my dog's photos as he cannot be off leash. It was so special to see him as if he was all on his own! If you are looking to capture some keepsakes of your pup do not hesitate to contact Kim for a session, you will be blown away!

- Emma R, Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC Dog photography testimonial

Kim is both professional in the way she communicates and arranges a photoshoot, but also has a way of connecting with people and pets on a personal level. Kim is truly a pleasure to work with and I’m so pleased with the photos that came out of our photo sessions. I hope to meet her again for another photoshoot the next time she travels to Vancouver!

  • Gillian K, Vancouver BC

traveling dog photographer

These photos mean even more to me now that they are my only connection to my sweet girl. I literally cannot say enough good things about Kim and her amazing ability to capture the personalities of dogs with her camera.

- Emily F, Charlotte NC

dog photographer review Charlotte NC

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