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Dog Photography - San Francisco

I have some exciting news…. and it ties in with the 52 week pet photography blog circle that I participate in. The topic this week is Road Warrior and we can interpret that any way we want.

As many of you know I am based in Charlotte NC but I love to travel. My dream is to travel around the US and Canada photographing dogs. Keep reading to find out when I’ll be in San Francisco. I’ll be looking for models!!

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Black and White: Pet Photography 52 Week Project - Week 22

Black and white is the theme of the pet photography 52 week project in week 22 and it's nice to be back in the blog circle this week. I've been traveling the last two weeks and I didn't have the time to write a blog. I absolutely hate that I missed last week's cityscape theme. I don't take cityscape photos in Charlotte but since I was recently in Vancouver and San Francisco, I have some of them and would've loved to post them. I know I still can but this blog circle gives me a reason to do it and even though I'd like to post them, it seems as though other tasks get in the way and I usually don't get around to it. Can anyone else relate to that?

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