Dog Photography Before & After Photos

Is Your Dog a Candidate for a Dog Photography Session?

Are you concerned that your dog can’t be off leash for a photo session therefore he can’t be photographed? Would you believe that most of the dogs I photograph are on leash? I remove it in the editing process. I, along with most of professional photographers typically only post “fully re-touched” photos.

I realize doing that certainly doesn’t tell the whole story and it can actually give clients the wrong impression so keep reading to see some before and after photos.

Your Dog Can Be On Leash During The Entire Session!

The Wonders of Photoshop

Do you wonder how we remove the leash? Keep reading and you’ll see a video that shows how I remove things that I don’t want in the photo like the leash or the arm of the person holding the leash. You’ve probably heard of Photoshop. It’s photo editing software and it is a photographer’s BFF.

The Photo Session

Prior to our session, I email you a Welcome Packet that includes all kinds of tips and advice to help the session run smoothly. At the session, if you are holding the leash, I’ll give you instructions on the best way to hold the leash.

If you look at the photos below, the leash is being held up and away directly behind the dog’s head. This is ideal… it’s makes for easier leash removal. If the leash was parallel to the ground and behind Chewy’s ear, I’d have to erase some of Chewy’s ear floof and try to put it back. I never want to erase ear floof!! I always want to keep the ear floof. :)

Before and After Photos

Here’s the final version:

Chewy Before & After-2.JPG

Here are the two photos I used to create the above photo. I don’t always do this but I liked Chewy’s expression in the first photo below but I liked his tail in the 2nd photo. Using photoshop, I was able to replace his tail.

I knew I wanted to video the leash removal. I didn’t want it to be a super long video so I didn’t video replacing his tail.

Chewy Before & After-1.JPG
Chewy Before & After-3.JPG

Photo Editing Video using Photoshop

Watch this time lapse video to see how I removed the leash, removed dad’s arm in the left corner of the first photo above, cleaned up his face and made the photo a little brighter. <if I knew how to add music to the video, this would be better!>

If you’re thinking about having your dog’s photos taken but you’re concerned that he can’t be off leash, no worries. He can still be photographed! If you’d like to learn more, fill out the Contact form and I’ll be in touch.

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