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Photos of Dogs and Sunflowers

This week in the 52 week pet photography project our topic is “landscape.” We are a group of dog photographers and this is a blog circle.

It is sunflower season here so I thought I’d share some of my recent landscape photos in the sunflower fields.

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The Door to my Heart

This is a blog post for the 52 week pet photography project. We are a group of dog photographers from around the world who are given a subject and we write a blog and post photos about the topic.

This week the topic is “doors.” I immediately thought of photographing dogs in front of doors but then this thought occurred to me. My dogs are the door to my heart. If you’re reading this, your dogs are probably the door to your heart too.

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Dog Photography - San Francisco

I have some exciting news…. and it ties in with the 52 week pet photography blog circle that I participate in. The topic this week is Road Warrior and we can interpret that any way we want.

As many of you know I am based in Charlotte NC but I love to travel. My dream is to travel around the US and Canada photographing dogs. Keep reading to find out when I’ll be in San Francisco. I’ll be looking for models!!

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Newman: Bernese Mountain Dog Photos

I participate from time to time in a photography blog circle. Photographers from around the world participate. We are given a topic each week and we are to take photos about the subject and then write a blog about it. This week the topic is “Photographer’s Choice.” At the end of each post is a link to the next photographer’s blog. Keep reading and you’ll see the link at the bottom of this post.

My choice this week is Newman. I know I don’t need to explain why.

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