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Charlotte NC Dog Photos - NoDa

This summer I started offering a different kind of photo shoot. I call them “Walk Around Town” and this is a unique opportunity for up to 5 dogs to meet up at a designated location such at Jeni’s Ice Cream in Noda or South End. We walk around and I photograph each of the dogs individually.

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Photos of Dogs and Sunflowers

This week in the 52 week pet photography project our topic is “landscape.” We are a group of dog photographers and this is a blog circle.

It is sunflower season here so I thought I’d share some of my recent landscape photos in the sunflower fields.

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Leash Removal in Dog Photography

Most of the dogs I photograph are on leash and someone is holding the leash. A lot of people who see my website probably think, “My dog could never do this because he can’t be off leash.”

I’m here to tell you he can.

Watch this time lapse video so you can see how I make the leash and the handler disappear.

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