Dog Photography - San Francisco

I have some exciting news…. as many of you know I am based in Charlotte NC but I love to travel and San Francisco is one of my favorites cities in the world. My ultimate dream is to travel around the US and Canada photographing dogs.

Last year I traveled to Vancouver twice and to me, it is a photographer’s dream. To be able to photograph dogs on a beach with the Vancouver skyline and mountains in the background is just heaven. These next two pictures were taken in Vancouver.

So, what’s my exciting news? It’s a two part answer: I have partnered with my friend Audrey Ricks of Sunsets Unleashed based out of San Diego and we have named our dog traveling photography business!! We are now “On Tour”: BARKography On Tour and Sunsets Unleashed On Tour.

BARKography On Tour in San Francisco is happening in May 24-27, 2019 over Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be scheduling dog photography sessions in the Bay area so I’ll be looking for pet parents who’d love professional photos of their dogs and I’ll have a few slots open for other photographers to join me to photograph the dogs.

If you’re a pet parent in the the greater San Francisco or Marin County area and you’d like to have photos like these of your pet, get in touch soon. I already have a waiting list started and I expect the slots will fill up quickly once the times and locations are announced. Since it is the Chinese Year of the Pig…. maybe just maybe I will have a pig on the schedule too. How fun would that be?

If you’re a photographer and would like to meet up to photograph dogs at some of the iconic Bay area locations and talk shop, email me at to express your interest or fill out the contact page on the site. You’ll have the option of participating in 2 photography sessions and an editing session. You can be involved in whatever you prefer - as much or as little as you’d like. This will be more of a meetup opportunity verses a 2-3 day retreat.

Last year I got to meet Andrea Ou and her westie Otto. Meeting other dog photographers at amazing locations like this when your subjects are cuties like Otto is one of my favorite things to do. #bestjobever

To find out all the details about attending, reach out to me and I’ll send you them to you. Just typing this makes me excited!

If you’re interested in learning more, click here and mark the San Francisco option: