Photos of Dogs and Sunflowers

This week in the 52 week pet photography project our topic is “landscape.” We are a group of dog photographers and this is a blog circle.

It is sunflower season here so I thought I’d share some of my recent landscape photos in the sunflower fields.

There are two huge sunflower fields about 50 minutes from my house. My local photography group has kept an eye on them and luckily one of the members lives close by so she kept us up to date on when they looked like they were going to bloom.

My first trip there was with a great dane named Dublin. His mom calls him Blondie. His mom is a friend and she’s a hoot. Anytime I’m hanging out with her, it’s a good time. Add in her giant dog and sunflowers even taller than him, and it’s a really good time.

My 2nd trip to the sunflowers was with Hamilton, a giant doodle. He’s giant but I still brought a wagon because he’s not as tall as Dublin.

My third trip was a spur of the moment session with a woman who’d contacted me several months ago about getting photos of her pups. She saw my sunflower post on Facebook and contacted me. We met up the next day and I definitely brought the wagon. She has a lab/boxer mix and a beagle mix. The wagon was used a lot!

I have one more session there this weekend with another doodle. He’s a bit taller than Hamilton but I’ll still bring the wagon to be safe.

I’d love to get Moose or Molly there but I’ve not been able to find an extra set of hands to be the dog wrangler. I’m still hopeful that may happen but the flowers are fading fast.

This is a blog circle and next up is Jo Lyons Photography, the down-to-earth dog loving photographer for cherished dogs of Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and the Great Lakes Region of NSW. Click the link and you’ll be taken to the next photographer’s blog and you can read what she wrote about our topic landscape. The blogs this week should be really varied with this type of topic. Enjoy reading and have a great week!