Black and White: Pet Photography 52 Week Project - Week 22

Black and white is the theme of the pet photography 52 week project in week 22 and as you can see, I've been in one of my favorite places in the world, San Francisco. I've been on the road the last two weeks and I couldn't participate in the blog circle. I hate that I missed the cityscape theme last week. I don't take cityscape photos when I'm home in Charlotte but since I was recently in Vancouver and San Francisco, I have some of them and would've loved to post them. I know I still can but this blog circle gives me a reason to do it and even though I'd like to post them, it seems as though other tasks get in the way and I usually don't get around to it. Can anyone else relate to that? I'm going to make an effort to do it though!

I have posted some of them on my @barkography Instagram account. I've been decent about keeping that up to date with daily posts. 

Back to week 22 and our black and white theme. I don't show a lot of my work in black and white. I prefer color. Because I was traveling in San Francisco last week and feel like these images look best in color, I'm going to show both: the black and white and the color. I'd love to know which you prefer. 

Here's the short version of my last two weeks. My niece lives just outside of San Francisco near Sausalito. She just graduated from the University of South Carolina on May 12. Last year she bought my neighbor's car and she needed to drive it home after graduation. I volunteered to drive along with her so on Monday May 14, we loaded up "Harold" the Honda Civic and made our way from Charlotte with stays in Nashville, St Louis, Boulder, Salt Lake City, and Reno along the way. We took 11 days to do the trip. We had a great time. I tried to photograph as many 4 legged creatures as possible. That included dogs, cows, horses, and a donkey.

I am grateful that the weather was almost perfect on our travel days. We hit a little bit of rain in Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming but the showers didn't last long and we didn't drive through any storms. This time of year avoiding storms given the number of days we were on the road is pretty remarkable. Unfortunately, the rain hung around when we were in St Louis, Boulder and Salt Lake City. I ended up canceling dog photo sessions I'd planned. That was a big bummer but it was out of my control.

Here are a few images I've already edited from a day of photographing dogs near the Golden Gate Bridge and around the northern California area. 

He's a 10 year old labradoodle named Ollie.

His name is Zazu.

David a friend of mine who used to live in Charlotte and his 9 month old puppy Auggie.

Gray whale that washed up on Tennessee Valley Beach in Marin County. Scientists found linear lesions around her head and flippers consistent with entanglement in fishing gear. Here's a link to an article about the 3 whales that have recently washed up in the SF area.

So do you prefer the black and white or the color images? I'm 100% color with these images. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend.

This is a blog circle and next up is Ursula M. Garrison a freelance photographer based on the South Shore of Lake Superior in Northern Wisconsin. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each post to read each photographer's blog about black and white.