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Sunsets: Dog Photography Project 52: Week 21

I'm in a 52 week dog photography project and each week we are given a theme to take photos of and this week our theme is sunsets. I've been traveling a lot the past month which is unusual for me. I was in Cape Cod 4 weeks ago and I just got home from Colorado less than 48 hours ago.

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Framed - Dog Photography 52 Week Project: Week 18

Framed is the theme for week 18 of our 52 week dog photography project and I love framed images. In April 2016 I attended a dog workshop near Barcelona and I met 15 other dog photographers from around the world. For 4 days this past week, I joined 2 of those dog photographers, Joanne Brown of Big Bernese Dog Photography and Sandy of Sandra McCarthy Photography in Cape Cod. 

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