Framed - Dog Photography 52 Week Project: Week 18

Cape Cod Dog Photographey

Framed is the theme for week 18 of our 52 week dog photography project and I have to admit, I love framed images. In April 2016 I attended a dog workshop near Barcelona and I met 15 other dog photographers from around the world. For 4 days this past week, I joined 2 of those dog photographers, Joanne Brown of Big Bernese Dog Photography and Sandy of Sandra McCarthy Photography in Cape Cod. 

Joanne is based in western Mass and has a home in Cape Cod. Sandy is in NH and made the drive along with her australian shepherd Bogey. I will blog more about the trip (which was epic!) at a later date - I still have tons of images to edit.

I don't personally use a framing technique very often when I'm photographing dogs but when I see other photographers do it, I always love the photos. It was fun getting out and using this theme this week. It was even more fun to do it with Joanne and Sandy.

On Saturday, Joanne took us to the sand dunes just outside of Provincetown. This photo doesn't do them or the slope of this hill justice. As soon as we walked up though, I knew I had to frame a dog in this shot. 


This is a popular spot. We had to wait for several groups of people to go by us and given the size and length of this hill, that meant we waited for a bit. Once we got over the top, the view was not what I expected and I have loads of photos but you'll have to wait to see those.

My goal is to get back to this location a few hours before sunset. THAT would be epic. I would also like to get the shot above with a dog in it. Unfortunately with the midday lighting and no external flash, I don't love the images. You can tell it's a great location, right? (Note to self... time to learn more about external flash.)

Dog Photography Provincetown Massachusettes

The minute we pulled up to this location, I knew I wanted Chloe framed by these flowers. This shot with Chloe cropped just above her legs will soon be part of my sample collection. I'm ordering this as an 11x14 framed in black.

Using framing as a composition technique in photography helps to draw your eye to the subject. Using architectural elements is a common way to frame a subject in photography as I did with the image of Haley in the car.

Cape Cod Pet Photographer

That's it for me and framing. If our topic had been sunset photography or silhouettes, I could've provided a bazillion photos. :) This is a blog circle and next up is Cahlean of About A Dog Photography in St. Cloud MN. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each post and you'll end up right back here.