Reflection: Dog Photography 52 Week Project: Week 34

reflection: dog photography project

Reflection is our topic for week 34 of the dog photography 52 week project. This first photo has nothing to do with reflections. This is Jayda and she is being fostered by my dog trainer friend Courtney. Courtney asked me if I'd photograph her so she and the North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue could use the photos. I agreed immediately... any excuse to get out with my camera and a dog makes me happy!

Courtney texted me a photo of Jayda giving her a kiss on the cheek and in the photo Courtney has on Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses that have mirrored lenses. The morning of the session I texted her to bring those glasses. :O

Jayda is a 3 year old blue heeler cattle dog that is being re-homed. She's been an outside dog so she is learning a lot of new things with Courtney.  She is very sweet and submissive. She's been fine with Courtney's other dogs and her 3 year old son. She seems to prefer people to dogs so she might do best in a home with no other dogs. Here are the photos I provided to the rescue:

dog photographer in Ballentyne.JPG
28277 dog photographer.JPG
dog photography in 28277.JPG

After I knew we had some decent photos for the rescue, I mentioned that the topic for the 52 week project this week is reflection. Courtney knows all about the 52 week project, she has helped me before. She was all too willing to put her glasses on while I tried to figure out how to take a photo of Jayda's reflection in them.

That task proved harder than I anticipated. Jayda wanted to be really close to Courtney giving her kisses. Courtney had to use her legs to try and keep her back so I have her legs in the photos and you can totally see me in the reflection too.

Reflection 52 week dog photography project.JPG

So after giving this idea a few attempts, we walked over to the lake. I asked Courtney to walk around to the other side so I could photograph Jayda's reflection in the water. When I'd arrived at the park, a man was fishing so the water has ripples in it. It was smooth as glass when we walked over and I was excited to give this a try.

Remember I mentioned Courtney is a dog trainer AND that she has helped me before? She knows that I want to capture photos of the dog looking towards the camera. I'd snapped 2 photos and Jayda wasn't looking at me so what does Courtney do? She knows exactly how to get the dog to look towards me so she throws a treat towards me which of course lands in the water. :o So much for the water being smooth as glass.

Let's see what everyone else did this week with our theme. This is a blog circle and next up is VP Shoots Photography in Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. Keep clicking the links at the bottom of each post and you'll end up right back here!