Multiple Perspectives: Dog Photography 52 Week Project: Week 33

Charlotte Dog Photography

Multiple Perspectives is the theme for the Dog Photography 52 Week Project in week 33. This made me think of my typical dog photography session and ask the question: how many different perspectives do I use during my photo sessions?

If you would've looked at my camera roll when I took this photo, you would've noticed that I tried multiple perspectives to get the look I wanted. I tried different angles and I liked this one the best.

Whenever I'm doing a dog photography session, the majority of the photos are when I'm on the dog's level. I will typically do a shot where I'm looking down at the dog and the dog is looking up at me. If I am where I can elevate the dog on something and I can point my camera up at him and get him to look down at me, I use that perspective too. I will also photograph the dogs from different angles. I would say I use a variety of perspectives during my sessions.

This week has been cloudy and overcast so I've taken my camera with me on my dog walks. Lucca doesn't like the rain. She doesn't like to walk while it's raining and she doesn't seem to like the wet pavement after it's rained either. 

I always walk her and her sister Delilah to make sure they've taken care of all of their business but on days like this one, I let them chill and do whatever they want. Once we get inside, that usually involves playing with their stuffed toys and of course it includes belly rubs.

I went back and looked at the photos I took of Lucca after the fact. I wasn't taking them specifically for this "multiple perspectives" theme but I thought I'd go back and see how I did and if I did in fact use multiple perspectives. I rarely turn my camera vertical and take a shot. I did with Lucca though because of where she was. It turned out to be one of my favorite shots I've taken recently. She moved around a couple of times while I was photographing her so I changed my position and that changed the perspective of the image. 

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These first two images are ones where I changed my perspective when Lucca moved slightly and the last photo is a zoomed in shot of the vertical image I took of her. Again, just another way to use multiple perspectives in photography.

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