Dog Photos in Charlotte

I had an opportunity in May to take dog photos at a Charlotte event called Paws and Pics. It's sponsored by Mathers Realty and Charlotte Life and Home. It was held on Saturday May 12 from 9am-12pm. Anyone could bring their dog out to be photographed.


We had a great crowd and we saw all different types of dogs. That's always the fun part for me: meeting all the different dogs. Some were a little unsure of my camera but I did my best to put them at ease.

The event was on May 12th and on May 14th I was leaving on a two week road trip from Charlotte to San Francisco. I told the pet parents that they'd have their images by June 1. I figured I wouldn't have a chance to edit all of the images until I returned from my road trip. I was getting home on May 28 so I thought I'd give myself 3 days to edit the photos.

I knew I'd be crunched for time once I got back but I hate to make people wait. Everyone came out to the event specifically to get photos of their dogs. I wanted to get the photos to them as quickly as I possibly could. Actually I provided the photos to the realtors at Mathers and they provided them to the owners. 

Do you know what? I even exceeded my own expectations. I provided the photos on Tuesday May 15th!  

Here are the photos I took that day. Thanks again to everyone who came out. I loved meeting all of you and your dogs!