Blue: Pet Photography 52 Week Project - Week 23

Blue is the theme of our 52 week pet photography project and when I think of blue and photography I think of the sky. I don't take a lot of photos when I am in Charlotte of the sky. I rarely use my wide angle lens when I am home because I'm typically surrounded by trees. 

However when I was traveling from North Carolina to California two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take photos with a lot of skies. (side note... not as many as I wanted and not as many that were blue because the weather didn't exactly cooperate.) It rained a lot but I tried to capture as many photos as I could with blue skies and the Pacific Ocean in the background.

The pup in the photo above is Abby. While I was in San Francisco, I met up with 3 other dog photographers and Andrea of Paws and Play Studio knows Abby's family and brought her along to model for us. She has some great ears!

My niece and I were scouting around for locations in Marin County where photographing the San Francisco skyline would be possible. In the photo above, we are in Tiburon. This is Parker the great dane puppy. If I would've positioned myself a little better, you might be able to see the San Francisco skyline. He's so big, his body is covering it up! #photographerfail haha

This is Otto. He has his own instagram @westitude_my_attitude. He lives with Andrea of Paws and Play Studio and I told her I will forever look at this photo and long to be Otto.... staring at the Golden Gate Bridge. Have I mentioned before that I LOVE California? hehe

I had a break in between sessions while I was in San Francisco. I don't ever recall seeing The Painted Ladies in person (see below) so I made the short drive from Crissy Field to see them. What I also didn't realize that on the other side of the block from The Painted Ladies is an off leash dog park. #winwin 

The bulldog above is part of his mom's @100percentpure movement. Check it out. While at the park, the sun came out and it got hot. This would make a good #tongueouttuesday photo for sure!

This is a blog circle and next up is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and nationwide. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each post to see what each photographer does with our theme of blue this week.