BRICK - Dog Photography 52 Week Project - Week 42

Brick is the theme of our 52 week project and since I was at the beach for 8 glorious days with no brick around and got home to a mountain of work to do before heading back out of town again, I'm using some of my favorite older images with brick. 

The image above is my guy Moose. I actually have another completely edited version of this photo that I actually like better than this but this image is cropped correctly for how I want to use it here and it's geo-tagged so here it is. I need to cut some corners and save some time the next few days as I try to accomplish everything on my to do list.

Back to this image, Moose lies around the house like this with his paws crossed all the time. I've wanted to capture this photo for forever (well actually 3 years because that's how long we've had him) but I never have my camera around or if I do, once I get on the ground into position, he of course gets up and walks over to me because I'm on the ground at his level which means I am there to pet him, right?

Here's the background on this shot: I was scouting out a new location at UNCC, the University of NC at Charlotte. They have a botanical garden and we'd just been photographing there. I had my assistant Kelly with me. As we were walking back to the car, I noticed this brick wall. Kelly is standing behind the wall holding Moose's leash. I was trying to get him to poke his head around the corner and get that shot but he'd already been "playing model" for about an hour and was rather bored so he decided to lie down. 

I was more than happy that he did. He provided me with the shot I'd wanted to get for a long time. Thanks Moose! A guy that walked by as I was photographing him even commented on how cute he looked.

This next image is Lucca. She is one of my dog walking clients. I can't remember why we were sitting on her front porch but that's where I took this shot. It was an overcast morning around 10am and it's my favorite photo of her I've ever taken. (and I've practiced on her a good bit!) I love the brick in the background of this image and how it provides color harmony to the overall photo.

These next 2 photos are taken at one of my favorite locations for photo sessions in Charlotte. Both dogs are standing on what I'm going to call a brick road... they might technically be pavers. I'm not sure but I love doing this type of shot on these bricks.

That's it for me and week 42. This is a blog circle and next up is Browning Photo, serving dogs and their people in Columbus, Ohio. Be sure to click the links at the bottom of each page and you'll end up right back here.