Charlotte NC Dog Photos - NoDa

This summer I started offering a different kind of photo shoot. I call them “Walk Around Town” and this is a unique opportunity for up to 5 dogs to meet up at a designated location such at Jeni’s Ice Cream in Noda or South End. We walk around and I photograph each of the dogs individually.

Since I started this in the summer, they start at 7am when it’s not so hot. It’s less crowded this early in the morning so that works well too.

Here is a sneak peek of the photos I’ve created.

I love doing these! I’m not sure how long I’ll offer this so if you’d like a taste of the BARKography experience and get some pretty cute social media digital files in the process, sign up soon. I’m currently doing them once / month.

If you like NoDa, that area is particularly great for doing this and stopping to get donuts afterwards at Reigning Donuts is a great way to end the morning! Who’s in?