Negative Space: Pet Photography Project 52, Week 3

Our theme this week is negative space and I am at the beach!  Woo hoo! I could look back on this theme last year and I know for a fact I posted photos that were taken on the beach. When I think of negative space, I think of big skies. What a perfect time to be at the beach.

So.... I wrote the paragraph above before I actually went to the "beach." I was in Dataw SC visiting friends. I'd never been before and they'd invited me to come. I had a free weekend so I thought, why not? Temps were in the 70s. It was a perfect time to be at the "beach."

Why do I keep writing "beach?" Well because I never actually saw the beach. Dataw is an island off the southern coast of South Carolina and instead of being surrounded by beaches, it is surrounded by marshes. I didn't see the beach but I did see lots of alligators. My fear of alligators is a whole other story.

There is an actual beach nearby but Hurricane Matthew destroyed the road to get there and it hasn't been repaired yet. 

So.... I photographed Monty in his backyard. He was excellent at fetching the tennis ball. I NEVER would have guessed he was 12. I cropped this first image so technically it has negative space. The rest of these are purely for your enjoyment (and for some reason the gallery I chose required that I post in multiples of 4 so here you go!)

Even though these images really don't meet the requirement of the exercise, thanks for following along. Anytime I photograph a senior dog, I feel an amazing amount of gratitude for the opportunity. The opportunity to meet him and the opportunity to provide his parents with images they will always have.

Spoiler alert: next week our theme is Different Perspective and I'm photographing 2 dobermans. Eeeeeeek!!

This is a blog circle and next up is Judy with Dog Biscuit Photos. Click the links at the bottom of each post to actually see images with negative space. :o Have a great week everyone!