EYES: Dog Photography 52 Week Project - Week 38

Eyes are the theme for week 38 of the 52 week dog photography project and that makes me happy. I am drawn to dogs' eyes. I think they allow you to see a dog's soul. This past week I got to photograph two pitbulls and they had joy, curiosity and excitement in their eyes. Can you see it?

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." - Martin Buber

Meet Sadie and Scarlet. I've known their mom Jessica for over 10 years. She does my hair and because my hair has become really gray and it grows super fast, I see her every 4 weeks. (I know I should probably give into the gray but I just can't!) I don't know how many years ago Sadie came into her life but I'll guess it was 5-6 years ago when she met her now husband Robbie. 

When I saw Jessica last month she mentioned they got a puppy. I knew immediately we needed to schedule a session before Scarlet got too big. Jessica showed me a photo of her and she was so tiny. We weren't able to meet for a couple of weeks and she'd grown so much in such a short time. We met in north Charlotte at Mountain Island Lake. I'd not been to this spot before but I really liked it. I want to go back again. With Sadie and Scarlet.

I'd like to go back again a little later in the evening. We were there just a tad too early and the sun was pretty harsh and it was hot. We were all sweating bullets by the time we were finished. 

"Dogs do not need to speak. Their eyes say it all."

"Sometimes when you look into their eyes, you find a missing part of yourself."

"Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them."

I love dogs. I love photography. Capturing a dog's spirit and personality through a photo makes my heart happy. I think this is why I love photography so much. 

This is a blog circle and next up is I Got the Shot Photography, Northeastern PA Pet Photographer.  Keep clicking the links at the bottom of each post to see all the photographer's photos on this week's theme eyes. This is going to be good. Enjoy!

PS We photographers love comments on our blogs posts if you feel so inclined. :)