Night: Pet Photography 52 Week Project - Week 37

Night is the topic of our Pet Photography 52 Week Project in week 37. In the 52 week project, each week we are given a theme and we are to take photos using the theme and write a blog post about them. One of the few goals that I set for myself this year that I've actually kept is participating in this blog circle every week. I've not missed a week yet (knock on wood) and I didn't want to miss this week but I had a dilemma.  

The images I took this week weren't taken at night. They were taken midday because I was photographing dogs for a rescue group and that's when they were available to do it and because I think they're super cute photos, they are at the bottom of this post. :) If I hadn't used the sleeping dog photos last week, I certainly would've used them this week and written a post about sleeping dogs at night. It would've been perfect because I was doing overnight pet sitting with those 2 dogs.

Instead I looked back to try and find some night time images I've taken and you know what, I don't have very many. I had to go back to February when I was attending Barkarica in Costa Rica to find images that work would for this theme.

I'm not sure why but I don't love most of the night time photos that I took on this trip. I'd like a do over.... wouldn't that be nice! It certainly wasn't the lighting because the sunsets each night were beautiful.

The first image at the top of the page is a behind the scenes shot of Charlotte Reeves setting up our dog model. She wanted to get a shot of the dog's reflection in the water. As the sun was getting ready to drop behind the horizon the sky turned purple. It was amazing. The next shot is the same dog that I took earlier in the evening. Many of us fell in love with the dogs we photographed on this night. They were all living at a shelter and were up for adoption. I can't remember her name... I hope she's found her forever home and is happy.

The following photos are the ones that I did take this week. I started to write an entire blog post with my theme as "day... the opposite of night." Just because I think they're cute dogs and they are photos I took this week, here they are: Bo, Dory and Josie.

Even though our theme is night, for this post it could be shelter dogs. I didn't plan it that way but all of the dogs I used in this post were available for adoption when I took their photos. 

This is a blog circle and next up is VPShoots Photography serving Tampa, Florida and surrounding areas. Be sure to show Linda some love as she has been without power due to Hurricane Irma and she still participating this week. My hat is off to her! You can click the link at the bottom of each post to see what each photographer does with our theme "night" this week and then you'll end up right back here.

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