COLORFUL: Lulu's Dog Photography Session

Colorful is the topic of our 52 week dog photography project in week 18 and I just photographed this little cutie named Lulu. Our session was two days after I'd returned from Vancouver.

If you read my post from last week, you know I fell in love with Vancouver. If you're into photography, the options for scenic shots are endless. There's the deep blue Pacific, the Vancouver skyline, and snow capped mountains.  It really was amazing and it was very colorful. My favorite color is blue which is probably why I love photographing on the west coast as much as I do.

That trip made me start to think about my home town Charlotte NC. When I think of Charlotte from a photography perspective and specifically photographing dogs in Charlotte, I think of trees and the color green. There are lots of options available if you like trees and the color green. 

Being in Vancouver and seeing amazing opportunities around every corner for a scenic shot made me think about how I can incorporate some of that mindset when I'm home. How can I find the light and use it to my advantage when I'm home? How can I make my images more colorful? 

So during Lulu's photo session, we hunted out anything colorful. The azaleas are blooming right now so we used those as our backdrop in a lot of the photos. 

If I didn't seek out the flowers, my photos look like these next two with more green and brown. My client loved them all and that's all that matters right?


Being in Vancouver also made me want to do more urban photography. This past weekend I went on a photo tour of Charlotte and took the following image. Sadly there weren't many dogs around so I don't have any photos with dogs but the entire time I was thinking about how I could incorporate a dog into these types of photos. I might need a wider angle lens. :)

This is a blog circle and next up is The Hoof & Hound Photographer covering the Lancaster area UK. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each post to see what each photographer has to say about our colorful topic this week. Have a good one ya'll!