Urban Photography in Charlotte NC

I like exploring my city and looking for fun locations that show the Charlotte skyline. We are pretty dog friendly so using our local murals or micro breweries as a backdrop make for great pictures too.

I follow a lot of local dogs on Instagram and I love seeing their photos and where they pop up in Charlotte.

If you’re local and would like to have professional photos of your pup showing off his town, get in touch! I’d be thrilled to follow you and your pup around snapping pics.

Occasionally I participate in a blog circle. We are a group of pet photographers who are given a topic and we write a blog post about the topic. This week the topic is urban.

Last week Moose and I explored Charlotte. He is often my model when I am scouting out locations. Here’s a photo of Charlotte’s skyline in the background. (He is on leash in this photo. I edited it out and I made a time lapse video of my editing process which you can see under editing tab on my instagram page.)

Charlotte has a fairly small uptown. (For those who aren’t local, Charlotte’s “downtown” is called “uptown” because it is in the northern part of the city. )

There are a few locations around town to get a decent shot of the skyline but they’re a challenge if your subject is only 2-3 feet off the ground like mine are. This is one location and another is Romaire Bearden Park which is literally uptown.

**Please tell me that the photo above looks like the Bank of America building in the background and NOT something else.* LOL

This last two photos are a new mural in Charlotte. It’s on a building in SouthEnd and it’s gorgeous. I want to go back and change my camera settings next time so the background and the mural aren’t as blurred out. It’s a scene of Charlotte and the rail lines leading out of uptown and I love it!! I would shout out the artist but I don’t know who it is and I didn’t see a signature.

I will continue to scout around town and find locations that are accessible and safe. If you’re local and know of any, I’d love to hear about them!

This is a blog circle and next up is Pet Love Photography. serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide. Click the link at the bottom of each post to see some urban photography from the other members of this group. Happy reading!