Birthday Parties for Dogs

If you’re the type of dog mom or dog dad who throws your dog a birthday party, you should consider a BARKography Birthday Party package.

Photographing birthday parties are fun! For everyone: the dogs, the parents and me!

The first time I photographed a party was for my own dog Moose. I had everything set up: the decorations, my lights, the camera and the cake. I had my husband leash him up and bring him into my studio.

Oh how I wish I had video of what happened next.

Moose smelled the cake, went straight for it and picked up the entire thing. He proceeded to turn around with his bum to the camera and eat the cake.

This is literally the best photo I got. LOL! We had a tiny cake for Molly. She was much more delicate than Moose.

The birthday party package is either done at your house, in your yard or if you prefer studio photos, we do them in my studio. The package prices start at $200. The package includes 4x6 prints and the same web sized digitals. Inquire for more details.

If you think your pup would enjoy a birthday party complete with his or her own paparazzi, contact me for more details.