ORANGE - Dog Photographer 52 Week Photography Project: Week 40

Orange is the theme for our dog photographer 52 week photography project in week 40 and can I just say, I love the color orange. However "brown" might be more appropriate with these photos so I'm going to say the theme is orange-ish. 

I was approached by Plaza Midwood, one of the historic neighborhood associations in Charlotte about photographing a Barktoberfest event for them on Sunday October 1. The event included a pet parade that ended at a local brewery and I was stationed there to photograph the dogs.

Beer and dogs are two of my favorite things but I abstained from the beer after the event as I had my 14 year old assistant with me. In two years, she can drive me home afterwards. :) hehe

I'd driven by the location earlier in the week and on the way there, I noticed a shop that was painted orange and it had the cutest orange bench in front of it.  *note the following photo is not of that cute orange bench. :( Keep reading....

There are always people out walking their dogs in this area. My plan was to go by the building prior to the event and see if I could stop someone out walking their dog and take a few photos. Unfortunately on Sunday the shop was closed so the bench must've been moved inside. I was bummed. 

When I got to the Resident Culture Brewery, I was greeted by one of the owners. She was familiar with lighting and photography and knew midday was not an ideal time to be photographing. She set me up in what turned out to be a perfect location. I would love love love to go back some time and photograph here again and this next one's ears make me swoon. :) Following are some of the dogs I met and as you can imagine, I had a blast. If you don't know me, my favorite thing in the world to do is photograph dogs. Thank you Plaza Midwood, Resident Culture and all the dog parents for making my Sunday!

My backdrop in the photos is where they have a bunch of barrels stored. The photos are darker and moodier than what I typically do but I really like them and to me they are orange-ish. Some of the dogs had on orange costumes and a couple of the dogs had orange-ish fur. 

That wraps up my weekly dog photography post. Thanks for stopping by. This is a blog circle and next up is Linda with VPShoots Photography serving the Tampa Bay area, Florida. You can read about what she and the other photographers did this week by clicking the links at the bottom of each post and once you've seen them all, you'll end up right back here. Have a great weekend ya'll.