Negative Space in Photography

Have you ever heard of negative space in photography? Here are a few examples from the Outer Banks last week where it pretty much poured every single day hence the gray, dull Atlantic. The dog didn't care. She still had fun and so did I.

I've always been drawn to photos where there aren't a lot of distractions around the subject. The first two images below of the black lab on the beach are examples of images with negative space.

Negative space in photography is defined as space around the subject in a photo. Typically there aren't many other elements in the space around the subject. I've always liked photos when the subject is fairly small and there is a lot of space around it. 

If you are booking a session with me, I'll send you a form to complete asking you lots of questions and one is about the types of photos you'd like. If you go to the gallery page on my website (you can click here), you'll see the very first photo that pops up is one that has negative space around the subject. If you like these types of photos, you can expect to see a few of them from our session together. I always take them!

Last week I was at the beach with my brother's family. They brought their 10 year old lab Po and she loves the water so she's my subject this week.

The last photo is my family and I'm posting this here to demonstrate an image that doesn't have any negative space. There are lots of subjects in this photo and the house and railing fill up the space around the subjects. 

Since I was on a family vacation, I thought I should share a pic of the family.

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