Movement: Dog Photography Project 52 - Week 23

Movement is our week 23 theme. I participate in a 52 week dog photography blog circle. We are a group of dog photographers from around the world who are given a theme each week and we are to take photos and write a blog about the theme.

There are many ways that movement is used in photography. Motion blur is commonly seen in photographs of moving cars. Perhaps you've seen photos of cars and the tail lights look like a streak of light behind the car. Suspended movement is another type of movement used in photography and that is what I'm using today.


This is Pearl and I photographed her this week. She is a "schnoodle." I'd never met a schnoodle before this week and now I can say I know two! She is 10 years old and was a lot of fun to photograph. Her parents told me liked to run so here are photos of her running my interpretation of our theme movement this week.

I love the movement in her fur too. It is flying all around.

This is a blog circle and next up is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area. Keep clicking the links at the bottom of each post and you'll see what the other photographers wrote about movement. You'll end up right back here when you're finished. Have a great week!

PS I have a big announcement next week.... photographers stay tuned!