Midday Photo Session

Did you know that a midday photo session is the worst time to take photos if you're outside. Especially if it is sunny. If you take a lot of photos with your phone, scroll through your photos. Find the ones you've taken outside. Do you see harsh shadow lines in some of them? I would imagine it's because you were outside on a bright sunny day. 

When the sun is directly overhead in the sky, it produces harsh shadow lines and they aren't ideal to see in a photo. Find some shade, point your subject towards the sun and you'll get a better result. 

This photo was taken at a midday photo session. It was 3pm on a sunny day. If you look closely, you can see the reflection of the blue sky in her eyes. I placed her next to the mural at The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. The wall was casting a shadow on the ground so I made certain Nellie was in the shade. I was in the shade too. The bright blue sky in the background produced enough light to brighten her face. I like the result, what do you think?

Here is an example of a photo I took the same day, in the bright sun. She is as cute as she can be but the quality of the photo isn't great.

Do you see the shadow that Nellie's head is casting down her chest and the left side of her body. That isn't ideal in a photograph... and neither is a dead tree in the background. :) That's tip #2: pay attention to what is in your background. :)

This was a really quick midday photo session. I was scouting the location during the midday hours to determine the best areas for dog photography shots during the Pints For Paws Charlotte event. It's on Saturday April 15 at Olde Meck Brewery. Put it on your calendar. I want to photograph your dog. :)

Check back for more details.