Leash Removal in Dog Photography

Most of the dogs I photograph are on leash and someone is holding the leash. A lot of people who see my website probably think, “My dog could never do this because he can’t be off leash.”

I’m here to tell you he can.

Here’s a time lapse video so you can see how I make the leash and the handler disappear.


The photography process doesn’t end after the photo shoot. The editing process after the session is just as important as the session. Some photographers might argue that it’s more important.

During both parts of the process, the photo shoot and the editing process, photographers are using their abilities to create art. In both parts of the process, we are using our “style” to create the photo.

We start by creating taking the picture. In this photo I positioned Moose where I wanted him with the Charlotte skyline in the background.

The editing process (or you might see if called post processing) is where we get to be even more creative.

The “before” photo

The “before” photo

The fully edited photo

My photography style is very natural as you can see in the photo above. The final image (the 2nd one) looks fairly similar to the original.

Some photographers really bump up the colors in their photos or really sharpen them to make them look almost cartoonish. I could do that too, here are samples of each but they aren’t what I’d consider to be my style.

The differences in these photos may or may not seem subtle to you. In the second row of photos the colors are more vivid. In the last photo the colors are deeper than in my original and the overall photo is sharpened more.

This is the editing process. This is how photographers impart their style on their work. Not only do we edit out the leash and the handler, we also tweak the colors and brightness in our photos.

There is no right or wrong, it’s personal taste. When you hire a photographer, you should find one whose style you prefer.

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