George the Shih Tzu

I met George the shih tzu when his mom was given a gift certificate to have him photographed. We had a conversation so I could tell how a BARKography session works and I asked her about the types of photos she wanted me to capture of George.

We met at Freedom Park and he was a pro. She was worried he might get distracted by other dogs. I always tell my clients as long as your dog isn’t dog aggressive, sometimes a little distraction makes for some great photos!

Anyone who signs up for ay photography session receives a Welcome Packet prior to the session that is full of information about what to expect.

Since we were at a public park, George was on leash the entire visit. Most of the dogs I photograph are.

At the session, I give instructions on how to hold the leash. In the video below, you can see my super easy leash removal. It’s easy because George’s mom is holding the leash up and away from him. This makes the editing process easier for me.

I love the editing part of my job… it’s how I spend most of my time working on the photos I create. However the leash removal part isn’t my favorite part so if I can make it simpler for me by instructing the pet parent how to hold the leash, I do!

Work smarter not harder, right? <note to self…. next time choose a photo to edit that is landscape / horizontal not vertical… insert face palm emoji here! ha>

The photos that George’s mom selected as her favorite are in the slideshow.

If you’d like to purchase a gift certificate for someone, get in touch! They’re a perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.