Leading Lines: Week 26 Dog Photography 52 Week Project

Leading lines is the theme for week 26 of the 52 week dog photography project. We are a group of international dog photographers who blog about a different topic every week. At the bottom of each blog post is a link to the next photographer's blog. Click the link to see what each one has to say about leading lines.

Over the past month, I've taken quite a few shots with leading lines that I keep coming back to like the one above that I took in Breckenridge CO. The lighting in this shot was really challenging. I think if I would've been using off camera flash, it would've helped. For those who follow the Hair of the Dog facebook page, you know I've recently been looking into lighting... the prospect of adding external flash to my photography is exciting and I'm sure it's going to be frustrating at times too. There is so much to learning about OCF (off camera flash.) But I'm excited to see where adding lighting to my photography is going to take me. Stay tuned... :)

The next two images are from a park I frequently use for my photography sessions. I love this bridge. I love this location for photography. I love all the lines in the bridge and the way it frames the subject i.e. PeeDee and Pearl in these images. If you look around my website, you'll see other dogs photographed at this same bridge.

Next up in the blog circle is Jessica Wasick with Bark & Gold Photography. Keep clicking the links at the end of each post and you'll end up right back here. I'm excited to see the posts because I love shots with leading lines.