Leading Lines: Dog Photography 52 Week Project - Week 14

Leading lines are the topic of week 14 in the 52 week dog photography project. Using leading lines in photography is a technique where the photographer uses lines to draw the viewer's eye to the subject. Sometimes leading lines can be subtle. Sometimes they are really obvious.

When I think of images with obvious leading lines I think of train tracks. I have really mixed emotions about photos with train tracks. I actually cringe when I see them because they can be so unsafe but some of the photos are quite beautiful. In the US it is illegal to shoot on them. I don't know the statistics but too many times I have read about deaths on train tracks during a photo shoot. I don't know of any abandon tracks near me so I've never shot on them.

I also think about boat docks when I think of leading lines. I love photos of a dog sitting on a dock that leads out to the water. Unfortunately I've not taken any of these types of shots myself but I've seen other photographers who have and I always love them.

I was recently photographing my photography assistant Kelly with her dog Jerry. We took a lot of photos but in these, I was taking photos of her taking selfies. These two are adorable together and I thought these photos were cute. The sidewalk provides the leading lines to the subjects particularly in the 2nd photo but I think I prefer the first photo. 

This is a short and sweet post for me this week. Thanks for reading and be sure to click the link at the bottom of each post to read the other photographer's blogs on leading lines. Next up is Tim Evans Photography, photographing people and pets in Mississippi.