2018 - My Year in Review

2018 - start to finish

2018 was a pretty amazing year. I decided to look through all of the photos from each of session and try to choose a favorite. Some times the choice was easy… I had a clear favorite. Other times I had more than one favorite and trying to pick just one was harder.

Why are these my favorites? Typically because of a memory they’ve created or because of a feeling I get when I look at them.

I’d love to know if you have a favorite. Can you choose one or perhaps a few that are favorites? You can look through these or on my instagram page. I’d love to know which ones speak to you. You can comment below or on my instagram post.

In 2018, I had the privilege of photographing a lot of dogs. Most of them were in Charlotte NC but I also traveled and photographed dogs in Vancouver British Columbia, Dataw Island SC, Nashville, St Louis, Salt Lake City, Reno NV, San Francisco, San Diego, Asheville NC, and New York City.

Here are the dogs I’ve photographed in each quarter. (If I’ve left anyone out, please accept my apologies because it was completely by mistake. This was a bigger task than I anticipated when I started it.)

In the first quarter of 2018, the dogs I photographed included a puppy whose mom contacted me the 2nd day she had him because she wanted photos of him when he was tiny. I also photographed a working dog training event, two dogs in Dataw SC, a horse ON THE BEACH and several dogs in Charlotte including my own dog Moose’s birthday party but my favorite photo from that event is actually of Molly.

Jan / Feb / Mar:

The 2nd quarter of 2018 included more dogs in Charlotte and my first trip to Vancouver. One of my favorite 2018 memories was photographing a giant bernese mountain dog named Weber with the Pacific Ocean and Vancouver skyline in the background. What really made it great was that I knew at the time, as I was making it how special it was going to be. I mean this from the bottom of my heart: thanks Weber for making this dog photographer’s dreams come true. I will always love that photo of him.

In May, I drove across the country from Charlotte to San Francisco with my niece. We stopped in Nashville, St Louis, Boulder, Salt Lake City, and Reno before arriving in San Francisco. I photographed dogs along the way and made some great memories with my niece. I’d do that trip again in a heartbeat.

Upon returning to Charlotte I photographed several dogs and I discovered a new passion: photographing dogs in front of murals. Look for more of these in 2019!

Apr / May / Jun:

July, August and September brought more travel and new experiences. I photographed horses, I photographed dogs in a field of sunflowers and I traveled to Greenville SC to photograph two bernese mountain dogs.

I also returned to Vancouver. I have fallen in love with that city. As a photographer, to be able to photograph dogs with the option of the city skyline, the Pacific Ocean or the Canadian Rockies in the background is pretty epic.

In Charlotte, I also photographed two senior dogs that have since lost their battles with cancer. I am so honored when dog parents ask me to photograph their dogs that have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses. I truly believe photographing dogs is my why and I love sharing my gift of photography with them.

Jul / Aug / Sep:

October, November and December brought more “firsts”. I held Christmas mini sessions at Social Pet. One client traveled from out of town so I could photograph her corgi. What an honor that was!

I also traveled to Hilton Head with my dogs, met up with three other dog photographers in Asheville NC and I ended the year in New York City.

NYC was a last minute trip and I am soooo glad I planned it. I had one of the best dog photography experiences of 2018: photographing a gorgeous golden retriever named Arnie on a rooftop overlooking Manhatten. I also happened to be at Rockefeller Center and saw an engagement on the ice.

Oct / Nov / Dec:

I occasionally turn my camera and photograph dogs in “portrait” mode. Here are a few favorites from 2018 session that are in portrait mode:

golden retriever photographer.JPG
Charlotte NC Christmas Dog Photographer.JPG
golden retriever photography.JPG
Vancouver puppy photographer.JPG
Kits Beach Dog Photography.JPG
WEB - Billy by BARKography-2.JPG

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped me create these photos. Thank you to my family, my clients, my photographer friends, my mentors, my photography assistants and everyone else who has given me encouragement and support.

2018 start to finish was incredible. I’m excited to see what 2019 brings and where it takes me. #wanderluster #travelingdogphotographer #charlottencdogphotographer

If you’re interested in booking a session with me, I’m available in the greater Charlotte NC area as well as anywhere in the US and Canada. Visit the website to learn more and complete the Contact Us page to send me a note.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 2018 Year in Review. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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