Comic: Dog Photography 52 Week Challenge: Week 28

Comic is the topic of the dog photography 52 week challenge in week 28 and I'm using 3 models: Winston the scruffy guy in the first photo, my guy Moose and Sailor, the golden retreiver. The images of Winston and Sailor are a little older. The photos of Moose I took this week. 

I think one reason why I love dogs so much is because they make me happy. They make me smile, they make me laugh and some of the dogs I know are comics. When I saw the topic for this week, I immediately thought of this photo of Winston with his eyes closed. I debated showing this one to the client but I'm glad I did, she loved it.

Moose is definitely a comic. He is also very predictible. He gets bored easily which means when I'm using him as my model I have a short window of time to try and get a decent photo of him before he'll start acting... well... like himself. This week my new 50mm 1.4 lens was delivered so I took Moose outside. I had a few treats in my hand and the photos below were the result. I believe the dialogue for these from Moose would be: "Give me that treat. Woman... give me that treat now. Thank you."

I wasn't thinking I'd get photos to use for this week's blog but when I looked at them, I figured I could. If only they had sound.

(If you follow me on Instagram, you know why I got a new lens. If you didn't see it, you can read the story from a few days ago, it's the story under the photo of the yorkie. 5 minutes shooting with the new lens... I like it. A lot!)

Recently I had a photo session with Winston. I was far enough away from him when I was doing these particular photos that I didn't notice that his eyes were closed in this shot. I discovered this gem after the session when I was looking through the photos. The first shot below is the one I was going for but I kind of like this 2nd shot too!

This next set of photos are a little older but I always smile when I see them. Something about the shots with the dog's eyes closed are funny to me. The second photo in this series has more of the bobble head look. This is beautiful Sailor and you know I'm happy with a shot when it is the first one that anyone sees when they go to the BARKography home page. Thank you Sailor for being so perfect!

This is a blog circle and next up is SamAdele Pet&Equine Photography of Lancaster, Morecambe and surrounding areas. Keep clicking the links at the bottom of each blog post to see the other dog photographer's takes on our comic them this week.