Bird's Eye View - Pet Photography 52 Week Project - Week 47

Bird's eye view is the topic for week 47 of our pet photography 52 week project. To pull this off, I knew I needed to get up high and be looking down on the dog I'm photographing. When you're photographing an already tall dog with pointy ears like a german shepherd, you really need to get up high! 

I was at a park photographing Noah and my options of things to climb up on were limited. I usually take these types of shots but they get tricky if you can't get far enough away from the dog, particularly when the dog has a looooong nose. I end up with a lot of these shots when either the nose or the eyes are out of focus. Sometimes my intent is to get a close up nose shot and I don't care if the eyes are in focus. 

When attempting to get this shot, I usually end up with something like this too. The dog decides something else is more interesting than my camera lens. LOL!

It is Wednesday night, the night before Thanksgiving. I almost forgot to write this blog and when I remembered, I almost bowed out this week. BUT... it is week 47 and I've not missed a blog post yet this year so I didn't want to miss this week. (Next year I plan to give myself more grace and be okay with missing a week occasionally.) For now, this is my bird's eye view post. 

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