Using Architectural Elements in Dog Photography

I like to use architectural elements in my images when I'm photographing dogs. A lot of times I am photographing in parks so I don't have a lot of architectural elements to use but when I'm traveling, I always look to incorporate the city skyline in my photos when possible. 

I knew when I visited Vancouver in April I wanted to get a photo with the city skyline in the background. I traveled to Vancouver with Audrey / Sunsets Unleashed and we scouted around when we arrived and found a couple of great locations to do this.

When you live in a city and you have options of where you can go to get the city skyline in the background, I'd say you're pretty lucky! When the skyline can include the Pacific Ocean and mountains then you know I'm in heaven. I do love Vancouver.

Tom by BARKography - 1.JPG
Vancouver BC dog photo.JPG
Vancouver Dog Photography.JPG
Vancouver waterfront dog photography.JPG

Of the four images posted above, do you prefer one over the other with how "blurred out" the background is?

When I'm photographing a dog I always want to make certain the dog is the clear subject in my work. I will intentially blur out the background to ensure that the dog stands out. 

If I lived in Vancouver, I guarantee I'd have photos like these of my dogs hanging on the walls in my house. I'm headed back to this city this week and I can't wait to create more artwork like this for some of the locals. Woo hoo! #bestjobever I wish I could take Moose!

Charlotte has some great buildings uptown and some interesting churches to use as backdrops. Those are some fun locations too. If you're local to Charlotte and like this idea, just request it!

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