Simplify: Pet Photography 52 Week Project Week 51

Simplify is the topic for our Pet Photography 52 Week Project. I recently took a series of photos of Moose that were outside the box for me. They are the ones of him on the bridge that I blogged about two weeks ago when our topic was Explore Possibilities. There is a lot going on in the images because the bridge has a lot of detail. Getting back this week to simplify is more my typical style. 

The definition of simplify is to make something simpler or easier to understand. Images that simplify their surroundings and focus on the dog are the ones that I am drawn to. They are the ones that make me feel something. The ones that make me sigh with satisfaction. 

I am sure Rocky's family has no idea how much photographing him meant to me. Sometimes the stars align and magic happens. I don't say that often about my work but between this little dog and the setting sun, I think we were as close to making magic as I've ever been. I certainly fell in love with him.

I don't believe I'd met a French Bulldog before meeting Rocky and certainly not one with his coloring. It was gorgeous. He was gorgeous. And a pro at striking a pose. 

Cue the music (turn the speakers on but not too loud if you're at work!):

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