Sadie the Boston Terrier's Modeling Debut with BARKography

Meet Sadie. At 13, this sweet Boston Terrier made her modeling debut during our BARKography photo session. I've known her for about 7 years now and I have the honor of pet sitting for her when her parents go out of town. This past September her parents had planned a vacation and her mom asked that I secretly photograph Sadie while they were away. She wanted to surprise her wife Cathy as a Christmas gift.

Because these images were a Christmas gift, here is a little music to keep you in the Christmas spirit and a tribute to the late George Michael. To listen to the music, press the orange play button below. 

Sadie has a huge beautifully fenced yard that she loves. She runs out in to the yard and sniffs every inch of it. I think she must be trying to figure out how many bunnies were in the yard prior to her coming outside. I frequently see deer in the neighborhood so I suppose she could be sniffing them out too.

Sadie is a rescue and when she arrived around the age of 4 in her new house, she got herself into a little trouble as rescues sometimes do. She chewed up furniture and even made a few holes in the walls. Sadie was trying to figure out how to transition into this new life of hers. It took about 6 months but then she figured out she was living the good life. She settled in, began to trust her new family and became a little more docile.

She has an independent streak and she loves the outdoors. In her senior years, you can frequently find her sleeping on pillows or on piles of clothes. She is the light of her parent's lives and at her age has earned the right to be spoiled. And she is. Is there any other way?

Here is Sadie's portfolio from her modeling debut: