Re-edit: 52 Week Dog Photography Project - Week 12

Soooo here's a Friday morning after the blog has gone live re-edit. I've gone through the circle and I've read through the blogs and I've commented on everyone's posts. Most of my comments are about my struggle with white balance. Part of that struggle is a photography skill issue. The other problem is this friggin' monitor I have. It always  goes magenta. Even after I calibrate it. 

So while looking at my own photos this morning I see they are magenta. I've re-edited these again and here are the newest edits (the photo on the left) with an oh so slight change (or maybe not oh so slight.) What's the bottom line... I'm going to start monitor shopping today. It is time... it's past time actually. 

Re-edit is the theme for the 52 week dog photography project. It occurred to me that I could go in an re-edit some photos I took back in December 2016 of a golden retriever puppy named Ivy. I thought of her because I actually just photographed her again a couple of weeks ago. I thought it'd be fun to see her when she was little and now all grown up.

I had another reason for wanting to re-edit some of Ivy's photos. I'm submitting images to a new commercial stock photography site called I'm going back to re-edit some of my older photos because I want to submit ones that could be used by a dog walker or dog trainer. That means the leash and the dog handler should actually be in the picture which is why that's what you're seeing here. Not having to edit the leash and handler out certainly is saving me a lot of time. 

It just so happens that Ivy's mom is a dog trainer. 

The photos above are two of my favorite puppy photos I've taken. They're not technically correct (at all) but she's so stinkin' cute, I love them. I mean look at her smile and her cute bum.

So this was Ivy in December 2016. Here she is in March 2018.

She is a dream to photograph. She's beautifully trained. She sits. She stays. There are no leashes to photoshop out of the images. Her mom has a grooming station at home so anytime I see her, she's always just had a bath and is super fluffy. I just love her. And her mom too for that matter. Her mom's shipment of products from our recent photo shoot will arrive Saturday too. Yippee!

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