Pet Project 52, week 33: Humorous

For our week 33 challenge, we are taking a break from our book and our topic is 'humorous." For those who are reading my blog for the first time, I belong to a Pet Photography 52 week challenge. Each week there is a different theme and we take photographs that week to work on capturing whatever the theme is about and this week's topic is humorous. For those who have followed me along this Pet Project 52 weekly challenge, welcome to the new BARKography website. Please click around and give me your feedback and suggestions! I am so excited that it is live and I get to write blog posts about photography here and I can concentrate on dog walking / pet sitting related topics on my See Spot Run blog which is where I've been blogging about photography too. HOWEVER that means I now have 2 blogs??? Yikes!! :) 

Back to the challenge. I immediately liked this topic when I saw it. I thought of a few shots I already have (Moose wrapped in Christmas lights comes to mind... that was an epic Christmas card photo idea fail! But it was humorous!) 

This week I had a photo session with a 6 month old Australian Shepherd named Briar. Briar loves loves loves his stuffed giraffe named Baby. I told his mom about our challenge this week and that I figured I'd get a few photos of Briar I could use. (I've given his mom a sneak peek of one photo from the session... now she'll get to see some from the blooper reel!) I am in the process of editing Briar's photos (and his canine brother Finnegan's) and I'll do a blog post about them when I'm finished.

Briar's mom was tossing Baby in my direction and Briar dutifully retrieved Baby each time sometimes with dramatic flair! All of us had a good time even Baby.

Because many of you know of my crazy Moose and I mentioned him above, here is the Christmas card fail photo. I've not looked at this photo since last fall and it still makes me laugh. My vision was to have him lie down and I'd put the Christmas lights around him. I'm not sure what Moose's vision was. He got bored pretty quickly and rolled over on his back. My assistant is actually camera left giving him a belly rub! I should start thinking now about what I want to do this year for my holiday cards.... as a dog photographer I am feeling some pressure to have some pretty epic cards this year.


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