Head Tilt: Dog Photographer 52 Week Project - Week 28

Head tilt is the topic of the 52 week dog photographer project this week and I may have squealed when I saw this topic. I'm in a 52 week blog circle with other photographers around the world. We are given a topic each week to blog about and I'm guessing some of the other photographers were pretty happy about this topic because I know lots of people love a good head tilt.

I love all dogs but I particularly love the giant breeds. I think it may be because I grew up with chihuahuas. I love them too (I really do!) but every time I see a big dog, I melt.

Photographing this guy named Weber in one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to AND he rocked a head tilt during the session was one of the highlights of my life. Is that sad? I hope not because it's true. Every time I see these photos and remember this session, it makes me happy. 

This goofy, lovable guy stole my heart. I'm trying my hardest to get back to Vancouver as soon as I can. One of the many reasons why? Weber has a brother and they've reached out to me about doing photos of him in Whistler. How fun would that be?

You can check out Weber on instagram at webers.world and his brother Wrigley at wrigley_the_berner. I follow both of them and live vicarioiusly through their posts.

I just noticed that I'll have two weeks in a row of berners on my blog. I was lucky enough to photograph Juno the bernese mountain dog a couple of weeks ago in Charlotte. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have the best job ever!

Wonder how I get a dog to tilt his head? It's usually because of the noises I make. And with most dogs, they will only do it 1-2 times so as the photographer I have to be ready to capture the moment. The timing of the noise and when I snap the photo has to be perfect. 

They're fun photos to get and my clients always love them.

This is a blog circle and I'm so excited to see what the other photographers post this week. You definitely want to click this link to go to Darlene with Pant the Town Pet Photography serving MA and NH's page and then click the link at the bottom of each post until you end up back here. This is going to be fun!