Charlotte Murals and Dog Photography

I love colorful photos. In the winter when the trees are looking a little sad and the flowers are hibernating, I’ve discovered an awesome way to incorporate color into my photos. I use Charlotte’s amazing selection of hand painted murals as my backdrop.

There are so many to discover and the fun thing is, more are painted all the time.

One of the newer ones I’ve discovered is Evelyn Henson’s #confettiheartswall. It’s located in SouthEnd and I love it. This spot is will definitely make the top of the list of Instagram worthy murals around Charlotte. I got my guy Moose there recently and I do love the result.

I’ll toot my own horn too: the lower set of angel wings at Max and Lola Bodega were painted because I requested it. Local artist Red Calaca Studio had painted some taller wings and when I took Otis the rottweiler there, I was glad he was tall because otherwise it wouldn’t have worked.

Here are a few others around town I’ve been to and I have more on my list. If you’d like to potentially see your dog’s face here, it can happen. Sign up for a session!

Want to see a before and after side by side comparison that shows how I remove the handler and leash from a photo? Shhhhh….please don’t tell my assistant. I love her but she might not love this photo. Removing my assistant Kelly took a lot of Photoshop work and I mean a lot but you’d never know she was there, right?


If you’d like to have your dog photographed in front of some of the gorgeous murals in Charlotte, contact me and we will make it happen!