Moose's Gotcha Day

Do you celebrate your dog’s Gotcha Day? i.e. the day you brought him/her home? We do in my house.

October 2, 2014 is the day we brought Moose home. He was an owner surrender to Lab Rescue of NC (LRNC) in early 2014. I drove to Winston-Salem and picked him up from his foster home. He was 7.

He’s 12 now and he’s been my “go to” model as I’ve learned how to use my camera.

He’s on this website a lot. Some of my favorite photos I’ve taken are of him. But because I know I don’t have forever with him, I want to take more photos of him.

If I could do anything I want, I’d pack up my car and drive him around the US and Canada and take his photo everywhere I could. That would be my ideal dream trip.

I hope he’s ready… he’s not going to get a trip across the US but I will have him in front of my camera a lot this fall.

Stay tuned for more of his cute face. I love you Moose!