Why Do Photographers Schedule Photo Sessions Early in the Morning or in the Evening?

Have you ever scheduled a photo session with a photographer and she tells you the best times to meet for the session are either early in the morning or in the evening? Did you wonder why?

The short answer is because of golden hour. Golden hour is defined as the period of daylight just after sunrise and just before sunset. The light is usually softer this time of day. The images taken during this time can have a really dreamy feel to them. It is my favorite time of day to photograph.

These photos were taken at sunrise in British Columbia. We arrived at the location early and waited for the sun to come up over the mountains. Even though the sky was filled with smoke from the forest fires, the light was a gorgeous soft yellow.

Photos can be taken during other times of the day but the light will be different. Most photographers try to avoid taking photos in the middle of the day because the light can be really bright and cause harsh shadows. I avoid harsh shadows in my photography because it's not really my style. I prefer for my images to have a natural yet dreamy feel to them. 

By the way, the term "hour" when referring to golden hour is used loosely. The actually soft light of golden hour usually only lasts around 30 minutes depending upon the time of year.

Experienced photographers will know how to "see" this light. If you've heard the term "chasing the light," that's what we photographers do. We were definitely chasing the light in Vancouver. This particular morning we actually found ourselves waiting on the light. It was worth the wait.

This is a blog circle. Photographers from around the world participate. To see what the other photographers wrote about golden hour, up next is Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati, the San Francisco Bay Area, and destinations nationwide. Click the link at the bottom of each post and when you finish the circle you'll end up back here. I love golden hour photos. I can't wait to see these!

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