When You Get a Diagnosis You Don't Want to Hear

If you’ve been a pet parent for any length of time, this has more than likely happened. I’ve been through it a few times. It never gets easier.

You know something is wrong. You go in for tests, you do what you can to figure out what is going on. If you’re lucky, you get answers.

When you’re a veterinarian and it’s your own dog and you know there isn’t much you can do, it’s heartbreaking.

That’s what happened with Meaty and his mom.

I offer a CARE package. It’s a discounted photo shoot for those pets who don’t have much time left and his or her mom and dad want photos they can cherish forever.

This might sound weird but I love doing these. I don’t love the reason why I am doing them but I love that I am providing the pet parents with photos of their dog they’ll have forever.

Here are a few photos of Meaty from our CARE photo shoot.

He lost his battle not long after these photos were taken. RIP Meaty. Know that you are loved so much. I fell in love with him too.

Kim HollisComment