Photographing High Energy Dogs

On a gorgeous spring evening, I arrived at Freedom Park. I was excited to meet my newest client Sophie.

Her mom had told me all about her and she was everything I imagined: regal, sophisticated, sleek, and ink black. She just oozed of elegance.

I have to laugh though because her personality wasn’t elegant and sophisticated. She was very high energy and easily distracted. She is just two years old and everything is interesting to her: squirrels, dogs, people, bicycles, scooters. If it moved, she was interested in it.

If you follow me on Instagram and saw the photo I posted of Sophie, you read that as soon as she got to the park she tried to dive in the lake because she saw a duck. At the end of the session her mom was concerned I didn’t get any decent shots because she didn’t hold still for very long. I reassured her that I had some. What do you think?

Thank you Sophie for gracing my lens with your fun personality and stunning looks. I loved meeting you and your mom.

Think you have a dog that can’t be photographed because they’re easily distracted? Bring it on! (She was on leash the entire time too! I’ve edited it out of these photos.)

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