FANTASY - Dog Photography 52 Week Project Week 6

Did you just enter a fantasy? Is this a bull or a dog?

Fantasy is the topic of the dog photography week 52 project in week 6 and I feel like my photography style is the exact opposite of fantasy. My style is pretty natural so I was struggling with what to do with this week's topic when I had an impromptu photo session with my own dogs on Saturday.

I'd contacted two of my photography assistants to see if they were around to help me and they were. This was the first time I was really going to be able to spend some time photographing Molly outside. Of course, both of my photography assistants show up in shorts.... so I did cut the session a little short. Perhaps they were in a fantasy world and thought it was the middle of summer. It's chilly outside and I know they're teenagers but seriously they should've dressed warmer! 

We had both Moose & Molly and I had my strobe. I'd photograph one dog at a time. One assistant would hold the leash of the dog while I was photographing and the other assistant would hold the other dog and the light. That took some skills. Especially when I was down on the ground and the dog not being photographed wanted to come over near me, would start to walk around and get caught up in the cord or totally tangle the assistant up in the leash and strobe cord. 

Don thinks Molly is like a skunk with her white stripe down her neck. 

Both of the assistants did great and I'm forever grateful for their help and their willingness to follow my directions. Thank you Kelly and Holt. But next time, wear something warmer. hehe

We photographed the dogs in 3 different locations all within walking distance of my house. At the end of the session, my hubby had come home so I gave Moose to him to take in the house. Then I grabbed a zoosnood. I've tried it on Moose before and he immediately takes it off and starts to chew on it. When we left the house, he knew it was in my pocket and he tried to grab it then. Crazy dog.

So when my newly adopted Molly kept this #zoosnood on so I could take a few photos of her, I knew I had my fantasy post.

Meet Molly, my newly adopted bull.

She didn't love it but she kept it on for a few minutes. Check out @zoosnood on instagram. There are some really cute posts on their account.

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