Dog Tail Pictures

In writing this post about dog tail pictures, something occurred to me: just how much a dog’s tail changes from when they’re puppies to adulthood. The puppy below is Sage, a purebred golden retriever. She was only a few months old when I took this photo.

The photo beside her is 7 year old Topsy, also a purebred golden retriever. Look at the way their tails change. It’s amazing to me that they develop so much fluff.

golden retriever puppy Charlotte NC outdoor fall autumn
happy smiling golden retriever Myers Park Charlotte NC winter sunny

The picture of Topsy was one of her mom’s favorites because of her tail (and because of her smile of course!) This was one of my favorites too but for a different reason.

I know Topsy and her mom. Remember my black lab Buddy? He’s the reason why I got into photography. Topsy’s mom was Buddy’s foster through the rescue group so I met her when we adopted him and then her dogs became dog walking clients. That was 7-8 years ago.

In the photos of Topsy, she had been posing for several shots. I was kneeling down on the ground to take the pictures and she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore… she had to come over and give me kisses. That’s when I took this picture and that’s part of the reason why I love it. Her smile was for me.

yellow labrador retriever picture stacked service dog in training Charlotte NC

With the next photo, this labrador was wagging his tail and I was literally waiting until it swung around towards me to snap the photo. I got it!

He is training to be a therapy dog and this photo will be used on their website so I wanted a profile photo of him with his tail outsteched.

Tails come in all different shapes and sizes and I’m a bit fascinated by them.

This is a blog circle and our topic this week is dog tails. Let’s see what the other photographers posted about this subject.

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