Charlotte Dog Models Needed

This is a model call for two upcoming commercial pet photography shoots. Want to be involved in a fun project and get some pro photos of your dog?

These are the types of dogs I need:


  1. Purebred German Shepherd - must be BIG

  2. Adult Purebred Great Dane

Other requirements include:

  1. All dogs must be “happy” dogs. The dogs must smile a lot especially when the camera is pointed at them.

  2. The dogs need to be comfortable in a studio photography setting. ie smiley and happy

  3. The dogs must be calm.

  4. All owners must be comfortable being photographed and his/her image being used by an international company


  1. Any breed including mixes - 2 or 3 dogs needed; a variety of sizes is preferred

  2. Dogs must be able to be walked wearing a flat collar or harness. No prong collars or e-collars. Dogs must be on a leash.

  3. Owner must be comfortable being photographed walking his/her dog. Owner must wear tennis shoes.

The photo shoots will take place in mid to late October. The shoots for CLIENT #1 will take place in my home studio in the Southpark area. The shoots for CLIENT #2 will take place outside in a neighborhood in south Charlotte and/or Myers Park.

If you are interested, please complete this CONTACT FORM and select Dog Model Call. I will follow up over the weekend with a form for you to complete and I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

There is no cash payment. You will receive lightly watermarked digital web files as payment.