Barkelona Day 2

Every time I start to write a post about my photo sessions in Spain, I think “this photo session I’m writing about resulted in some of my favorite images.” I guess I am lucky that way in that I probably have one image from each session that I can call a favorite. These two dogs Boira and Pruna definitely fall into this category. Pruna (the lighter colored dog) is a year old Spanish Water Dog and Boira was all puppy! She is a 5 month old Portuguese Water dog. Pruna had just gotten a haircut. Apparently her hair can look a lot like Boira’s when it is long. This was my first time meeting a Spanish Water Dog and she was beautiful!

One thing I learned about myself while I was in Spain, I like the color yellow in photographs. I never really knew I was drawn to the color yellow but in photography, I am. Even though I've been home from Spain for awhile now, every time I see this photo of Boira, I still love it. I hope that feeling never goes away. I do look at the image and I can see things that aren’t technically correct with it but I still love it and hey, I’m the photographer so that is my right! 

Kim HollisComment